¿Do you know how to generate more productivity on your company using Power Platform?

We want to tell you a little bit about how you could you take your process to the next level.

Power platform is a combination of tools from the Microsoft ecosystem conform by Power Apps, Power Automate, Power BI, Power Virtual Agent, Power Pages, Data verse and SharePoint, these last two support services for information management in a documental level and in a data level as well.

These tools, will allow you to face challenges on your organization through the development of low-code or no-code apps, generate automatizations of internal processes with more agility, efficiency and low costs, create reports in real time that will give you a better understanding of your KPIs, among other benefits and you will be able to create bots to carry on customer service support tasks. Also allows, that users with a medium-advance knowledge or developers can build customize solutions depending on the needs of each business at an internal and/or commercial level.

This powerful tool is the perfect ally to take normal company to a level of digital transformation, innovating on the solution customization for their users, allowing them to have a unique digital experience, and also to improve the workflow and processes inside the company. Keep in mind that because this is a Microsoft Solution, you can take advantage of the other services that the Azure Cloud offers you and made integrations with other tools like Dynamics. 

The companies can perceive benefits like: 

  1. Enhance the abilities of the workforce with customize and collaborative tools that allows access to better information that can be using on the decision-making process. 
  2. Save up to 70% on costs of the traditional development apps and their maintenance. 
  3. Increase agility up to 15% replacing paper by digitalize processes. 
  4. Increase on the security levels, since user permissions at the data and application level can be managed from the infrastructure area. 
  5. Obtain more efficiency and productivity from the commercial team.  

Currently, being at the forefront of the market is increasingly important to carry out the operation and to increase the rentability on the companies by being more competitive. 

You can find different uses for these tools: on an organizational level you can arrange an app for your employees to download all the documents they would need about their payments, vacation request, purchase orders, reminders about taxes payments, HR Letters, inventory reports or real time project management, sales indicators, you can have a bot managing documentation request or PQRS, among other functions. 

There are endless possibilities about you can do based on your needs. ¿Do you want to start now? 

On AppinIT we walk all the way with you. Ask for a Demo and tell us how we can improve your business. 

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