November 3, 2022

Obtuvo una optimización en sus procesos que le permitió mejorar su infraestructura y reducir costos hasta en un 30%.


September 30, 2022

Results: 135,000 active users + 4.9 billion managed + 1,000,000 operations 341 payroll operators (financial entities and the solidarity sector)

IMC Colombia

June 1, 2017

Results: Optimization of your raw material by up to 35% 25% increase in cost controls Agility of 20% in the purchasing process.


June 1, 2017


+ 25% increase in installed capacity

Ally to increase your equipment according to your ability.

Cueros Vélez

June 1, 2017

30% improvements in automation

Lower SharePoint list thresholds up to 60%

Increased handling of native SharePoint controls

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